Susan Nalaboff Brilliant

My process...who I am and how I work goes back to the kitchen table as a young girl growing up on Long Island. Our family discussions - everything from art to politics to food. Art took the lead at the table; I think mostly because my dad's best friend was an art collector, and my dad was fascinated with art history and stories of artists.  It was here at that table that the freedom to speak one's mind was encouraged in me and my brothers.


My passion and commitment to becoming an artist was ignited during those conversations and began to form the backbone of a life of exploration in the arts...painting, drawing, dance and choreography.


The charcoal seeps through the canvas, the yellow ochre drips, the bones are revealed, age and this life are marked. Handprints are left unscripted. Ancestral footprints walk across the canvas and ghosts collide. I sometimes distort to be more accurate to the truth I see.


I learn by doing.


This is my is sacred play, full of surprises and ever open to the mystery of this life.


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